General Questions

How bad is the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Pennsylvania?

 Pennsylvania ranks sixth in the country for the number of cumulative reported AIDS cases (2007 data)

 What are the benefits of expanded HIV testing to clinic patients/clients?

 Early detection is critical to HIV management and reduction of viral transmission. HIV testing saves lives.

What resources are available to sites?

  • Educational materials about HIV
  • Social marketing materials
  • Assistance with protocols for billing insurances for HIV testing
  • Depending on identified needs and availability of funds:
    – provision of necessary software and hardware
    – testing supplies and costs for uninsured/underinsured 

Click here to view some of the available resources.

What is expected from sites?

  • Routine offering of HIV testing to all patients
  • Tracking of HIV testing
  • Anonmyized monthly reports of tests performed and results (grant prerequisite required by the CDC).

How do sites link positive patients to care?

Sites may follow their usual protocol for linking HIV positive patients to care. Department of Health representatives will also be available for post-test counseling, linkage to care, partner referral services and other services as needed.

 How to become involved

Please send information on the following items to

– Number of clients visits/ year
– Number of unique clients seen per year
– % African Americans of clients seen
– % Hispanics of clients seen
– Is any HIV testing currently available in the clinic

– % of uninsured /underinsured clients

Can facilities use available resources without officially signing up with PEHTI?

Yes, facilities are welcome to make use of our consent forms and pre-test brochure without being directly involved with PEHTI. All we ask is that you send us a courtesy email before any file downloads.