Prospective Sites / Getting Started

Introductory/Refresher Information for Prospective Sites

Self-Starter Recommendations for Various Types of Prospective Healthcare Settings (Level 1-Stage 1 self-starter sites)

After reviewing the above information and providing  clinical staff with introductory information for getting started with HIV screening, Level 1-Stage 1 self-starter sites can get started by following directions/advice provided in Steps 0 – 2 on the ‘getting started’ page. Level 1-Stage 1 self-starter sites which need technical support or other assistance such as funding of rapid testing supplies (for screening of indigent uninsured persons) to facilitate startup should follow directions provided in Steps 0 – 3 of the instructions provided on the ‘getting started’ page to request resources and technical support for site startup. Sites which have already started HIV screening may also request resources and technical support for advancement towards Level 1-Stage 2 and full implementation of opt-out screening for HIV using Enhanced Health Promotion and Screening (EHPS) protocols and tools [including the EHPS brochure for incorporating opt-out HIV screening in a broader screening program for conditions of public health importance, using an EHPS tool/form for provider documentation of informed consent in accordance with PA Act 59 (2011) provisions for opt-out HIV screening, technical support for managed care and billing of services provided under fee-for-service insurance, and funding of rapid testing supplies for screening of indigent uninsured persons].