Consent Process in Opt-Out HIV Screening

Consistent with provisions of Pennsylvania’s Act 59(2011) amending Act 148(1990) in alignment with CDC recommendations for opt-out HIV screening, consent for HIV screening in healthcare settings can be covered by consent for general health care as outlined in the comparative review of CDC Guidelines for opt-out HIV screening, PA Act 148(1990) and PA Act 59(2011).

To facilitate translation of the provisions of PA Act 59 (2011) into practice, the   Enhanced Health Promotion and Screening (EHPS) protocol and brochures provide tools/guidance for healthcare providers to introduce/scale-up routine opt-out HIV screening within the provisions of PA Act 59 (2011) for:

  • Incorporating and documenting verbal consent in the context of routine opt-out HIV screening within a framework of consent for general care, and
  • Broader/enhanced health promotion and screening (EHPS) for selected conditions of public health importance.