We fully encourage and support all efforts to increase HIV testing services across Pennsylvania. However, due to limited grant funds, we have had to prioritize regions for fund allocation. In order to achieve our objective of reaching target populations with the highest burden of HIV disease, primarily racial/ethnic minorities (mainly African Americans & Hispanics) & higher transmission risk groups (mainly IDU & MSM), we identified three regions of need within Pennsylvania: South-West, South-Central, and South-East.

We continue to reach out to/recruit healthcare facilities which serve a high proportion of these populations, have demonstrated commitment to the expanded testing concept, and have had prior ability to link individuals to HIV prevention and care services.

Map of Prioritized Regions & Existing PEHTI collaboration sites

The map below shows the distribution of PEHTI collaboration sites overlaid on prioritized regions [based on HIV morbidity by race/ethnicity and higher risk probable modes of transmission (IDU & MSM)]. As shown in the map state correctional institutions  and STD clinics implementing opt-out HIV screening are located  in many parts of the state outside the identified priority regions.  To view a clearer larger image, please click on the image below.